Una Voce Georgia: Abbey of Christ the King in Cullman, AL Traditional Abbey

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Una Voce Georgia is pleased to announce that the traditional Abbey of Christ the King in Cullman Alabama is going to be staffed by a new group in union with Rome as of this weekend. This will make this the ONLY traditional monastery in the south and is only 25 minutes from the Shrine of Mother Angelica in Hanceville Alabama. This will be an excellent destination for traditional Catholics to make a pilgrimage. The group, "Contemplatives of the Pierced Hearts",  will take up residence in the Abbey this week. They will have their own priest. This Abbey was not in Union with Rome and only recently reconciled with the Church resulting in all but one of the monks leaving. With only one monk in residence, the Abbey's future was uncertain, but now it will come back to life as a functioning traditional monastery. The new monks were novus ordo but have switched over to tradition and only the 1962 mass and breviary will be used.


The Alliance of the Two Hearts and OATH (Father Bing's order of priests seen on EWTN) will be having a High Mass at the Abbey of Christ the King in Cullman, Alabama on Sunday May 5th at 9:00 AM.

Christ the King Abbey
5060 County Rd. 1635
Cullman, AL 35058

Statement from the Roman Catholic Bishop of Birmingham


Following years of discussion between bishops of Birmingham and members of Christ the King Monastery, the two remaining members of the monastery were reconciled with the Catholic Church during the Lenten season. On May 1st Bishop Robert J. Baker formally accepted the vows of these two monks as Benedictine Hermits, with the title of Brother. They will continue to live at and operate Christ the King Abbey, Inc. with the help and assistance of Father James Isaacson and two Brothers of the Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius, of Chicago, Illinois.

The two members of this community, which had been established as a schismatic community over twenty years ago by a former member of St. Bernard's Abbey, have fulfilled all the requirements expressed by Bishop Baker, in consultation with the Vatican, for their admission into the Catholic household of faith.

This community will continue as a monastic community, celebrating Mass in the Latin Tridentine form, also known as the Extraordinary Form, a practice which has been promoted by recent popes. Pope Benedict XVI endorsed the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass in his Apostolic Letter "Summorum Pontificum" (July 7, 2007) and followed that document with a further Instruction on April 8, 2011, which gives more clear guidance on the celebration of the Mass in this manner.

Besides this monastery, there are two other sites in the Diocese of Birmingham where the Extraordinary Form of the Mass is celebrated each Sunday, though in conjunction with the Ordinary Form: Blessed Sacrament Parish in Birmingham and St. Mary of the Visitation parish in Huntsville.

As a result of the reunion of Christ the King Monastery with the Catholic Church, Bishop Baker has now lifted any restrictions on attendance at holy Mass at this monastery.   Mass is offered in the Extraordinary Form daily at 7AM and on Sundays at 7AM and 10AM.


  1. I just returned from making a pilgrimage to this monastery. There are no words to describe the joy my soul experienced there! Even the recollection of it brings peace! I beg anyone who loves the Latin mass to visit soon. I drove 9 hours and would do it again tomorrow!.


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