Blog Note: TLM-MD Favicon Image

I have been trying to find a "favicon"-- the tiny image that appears in your browser-- that is particular to this blog. I've tried several combinations, but none has really worked. So, I decided to focus on the fact that this blog is published in Maryland.

The Maryland flag is shown below and has a fascinating history. It is the only US flag based on English heraldry. The flag incorporates the heraldic features of several families prominent in the founding of this original Colony. The final version of the flag was adopted officially in the early 1900's.

In view that a "cross bottony" appears within the flag, the Maryland Legislature passed a law indicating that the flag should fly under a golden bottony atop the flagpole. This is a cross familiar to heraldry. No other state flag has a cross atop its flagpole which is specific to Maryland or "Terra Mariae." That is what I've decided to use as the favicon for this blog.