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NLM: The Gregorian Missal (Downloadable Missal from Solesmes!)

Here it is! To quote Jeffrey Tucker:

It's been my dream--and many share it--that the Gregorian Missal could be examined by every Catholic musician in the English-speaking world. It wouldn't cause an immediate outbreak of chant in every parish. I know this. But it would change the debate. It would illustrate what we fanatics have been saying for so long. It would illustrate what Vatican II intended. It would instill a sense of the ideal. It would make it clear that chant is the music of the Roman Rite. It would provide direction for the future. The hermeneutic of continuity between old and new would become clear. We could begin again to stitch together our practice with our tradition.

Glorious news: the Solesmes Abbey has made this possible. The monastery has given permission to the Church Music Association of America to upload a beautiful copy, fully bookmarked, online at It is here, the first universally downloadable presentation of the Gregorian Missal. No…

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TLM at Saint James the Greater Church in Charles Town, WV - Important Note and Meeting

My friend and contact at Saint James the Greater in WV has emailed me an important note.

I would invite everyone who wants the TLM at Saint James to attend the Latin Mass this Sunday, Feb. 1st at 9:30 AM, and to stay for a small reception for Fr. Dom Daniel, Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem.

Fr. Dom Daniel is deciding on a location to establish a monastery. If the people want him to stay within this tri-state area, we are in need of people able to contribute financially or otherwise to show the Bishop (WV) that this community would not be a burden on the Diocese.

Anyone interested in helping or keeping up-to-date can join this Yahoo Group:

Finally, we ask for prayers for the Latin Mass community at St. James.Those attending this "occasional" TLM Mass apparently come from the local area, from parts of Western Maryland and from the Front Royal area of VA. I'm sure more will be discussed at the meeting after the TLM Mass.

Christendom College News and Events: Students Lead Hundreds of Thousands in the March for Life

The News and Events segment of the Christendom College website begins its article of January 23rd this way:

On January 22, the entire student body of Christendom College, including members of the faculty and staff, led hundreds of thousands in protesting abortion at the 36th Annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. Select students were given the honor of carrying the lead March for Life banner as well as the official March for Life flags.

Photo Credit: Christendom College, Front Royal, VA


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Catholic Online - Archbishop Burke: Catholic News Service Needs 'New Direction'

Catholic Online picks up a story reported by LifeSiteNews. Archbishop Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, has some interesting things to say about CNS, the Catholic News Service.

Archbishop Burke, the former Archbishop of St. Louise Mo. and recently appointed head of the highest ecclesiastical court in the Catholic Church, told that although “there were a greater number of bishops who spoke up very clearly and firmly ... there was also a number who did not.”

But most damaging, he said, was the document “Faithful Citizenship” that “led to confusion” among the voting Catholic population.

“While it stated that the issue of life was the first and most important issue, it went on in some specific areas to say ‘but there are other issues’ that are of comparable importance without making necessary distinctions.”

Read the entire story here.

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Visitors ask...Online or "Streaming Video" of a Traditional (Tridentine, Gregorian) Mass

From time to time, I have requests for an "online" or "streaming video" of a TLM (Tridentine; Gregorian) Mass. The key factor that prohibits this is that the premier video service, YouTube, has a time limit on video uploads.

The Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius have a marvelous website and series of marvelous DVDs on the TLM. If one wanted to simply learn more about the TLM, start here, for example. This link has Masses from a Low Mass, Missa Cantata, etc. with video clips.

Here, for example, are clips for the Low Mass. This offers sample liturgies in a step by step format of videos. Here is a Solemn High Mass for Corpus Christi Sunday from the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, PA. Suffice it to say that the webstore contains not only the full videos of many Masses but detailed descriptions of what is happening.

For those simply interested in seeing a beautiful "classic" TLM, here is the Mass of Easter Sunday in 1941 at Our Lady …

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Eastern Shore Reminder: TLM in Delmar, February 1st

I would simply like to remind my friends on the Eastern Shore of the post I received a while back. I was informed--and hopefully, this is solid information--that the TLM will be celebrated at 3 PM next Sunday at Holy Redeemer Church in Delmar. The link is here. Please call the Church to confirm this or go to the link in the post and call for information.

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Official Google Reader Blog: Google Reader for Beginners

Some of you are like me... You have a number of blogs you just HAVE to follow each day. So, you may make up a folder in your Bookmarks or Favorites, and you do the "daily cycle" to see what is posted. Some of you return as many as 7 times in one day!

Google offers a Reader that can function in a variety of ways. Google also now offers a tutorial site on how to set up and use a Google Reader.

The icon in the window with this blog address has an orange symbol which allows one to subscribe using an RSS reader. There are other feeds as well such as Feedburner. If you are someone who likes to check out several blogs each day or several times per week, please check out the Google site. It is great, informative and free! Just go here!

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First Things: On the Square >> We Shall Not Weary, We Shall Not Rest (Fr. Richard John Neuhaus)

The late Father Richard John Neuhaus was a devoted champion of LIFE. In his memory, FIRST THINGS will publish this speech each year on the date of the Roe v. Wade decision. We would do well to read it in its entirety.

“We the People” have not and will not ratify the lethal logic of Roe v. Wade. That notorious decision of 1973 is the most consequential moral and political event of the last half century of our nation’s history. It has produced a dramatic realignment of moral and political forces, led by evangelicals and Catholics together, and joined by citizens beyond numbering who know that how we respond to this horror defines who we are as individuals and as a people. Our opponents, once so confident, are now on the defensive. Having lost the argument with the American people, they desperately cling to the dictates of the courts. No longer able to present themselves as the wave of the future, they watch in dismay as a younger generation recoils in horror from the bloodletting of an…

Feast of Saint Vincent - Annual March for Life - Day of Penance

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 - Choose LIFE!

Image Credit: St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church,
Garland, Texas

"Mary and Jesus"

Whispers in the Loggia: And They Came

Rocco Palmo does his usual masterful job describing the Vigil Mass for the March for Life. It is the largest liturgy held annually in the U.S. with 16,000 in attendance and scores turned away. Note that a TLM will be held tomorrow.

WDTPRS >> Excommunication of SSPX bishops to be lifted within days?

Father John Zuhlsdorf weighs in with this favorable story by Andrea Torinielli on the SSPX situation here. This follows a number of reports I've posted this evening (see RORATE CAELI).

The problem is, an earlier post on WDTPRS shows the complexities of this issue now. Will the situation with Bishop Williamson cause this to be placed on hold? Maryland Bill Would Require Doctors to Promote Suicide as Option to Patients

What a shock! carries this story datelined Annapolis:
"As a method of getting states to promote suicide without legalizing the practice of assisted suicide, euthanasia backers are relying on legislation that forces doctors to promote suicide as an option. The bills also make it so pro-euthanasia groups are given referral status to talk with patients."
The proposed law, HB 30, can be seen here. It is interesting (if one can call it that) that the Bill is filed under "File Code: Public Health."

Vigil of the March for Life - Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Holy Communion is now being distributed at Vigil Mass of the Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

Here is the EWTN lineup for tomorrow:
MARCH FOR LIFE 2009 (LIVE) - Washington, D.C. 4 hrsLive and complete coverage of the most important pro-life event of the year: the 2009 March For Life. This prayerful walking procession up Constitution Avenue in Washington DC, ends with a Rally for Life at the Washington Monument. Network coverage includes interviews, panel discussions, and speeches from pro-lifers around the country.
Thu 1/22/09 11:00 AM ET & 8 AM PT
Thu 1/22/09 10:00 PM ET & 7 PM PT
Sat 1/24/09 9:00 AM ET & 6 AM PTHere is the weather forecast for Thursday from NOAA:Tonight: Mostly clear, with a low around 23. West wind around 6 mph.
Thursday: Sunny, with a high near 44. South wind between 5 and 8 mph.
Thursday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 32. Southwest wind between 3 and 6 mph. Sunscreen would be helpfu…

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CNS STORY: Vatican report: Most U.S. seminaries are generally healthy

In a story dated January 14, 2009, the Catholic News Service released the final report of the Apostolic Visitation team of U.S. seminaries. The final report is found here in this PDF file and is of importance for all Catholics.

Some issues--such as the importance of the presence of the Rector, increase in the study of Latin, and needed emphasis on Catholic Moral Theology--are areas which appeared in this report. The news story and PDF file are worthy of detailed reading and analysis. Need I suggest we pray for Bishops and priests daily?

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Saint John the Apostle Roman Catholic Church, Leesburg, VA - TLM First Sunday of the Month

My dear friend has notified me that Saint John the Apostle Roman Catholic Church in Leesburg, VAoffers Mass in the Extraordinary Form the First Sunday of each month at 10:30 in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception. I don't list Masses in the TLM menu unless they are offered weekly, however, I thought I'd publicize this Mass.

If it becomes a weekly event, please let me know! As Fr. Zuhlsdorf pointed out in a post a few days ago, a "stable group" is THREE people and that can include the priest.

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Breviarium Romanum >> Rogate quae ad pacem sunt JerusalemCatholic-Hierarchy News >> Cardinal Laghi diedRORATE CAELI >> British journals publicize Traditional Calendar (bright idea number 23,409: if, as Rorate Caeli reports, British papers will print the Traditional calendar for the week, perhaps your local paper will too?)

The Baptism of the Lord - Sunday, January 11th, 2009