Visitors ask...TLM at Georgetown University in Washington, DC

A common search item concerns the TLM at Georgetown University. It was widely reported initially that this was going to be offered weekly, that it was to be held in the Copley Crypt and that the time would be constant during the school year. Thus, I posted it in the Mass Menu.

I searched the Georgetown websites to see if I could find this Mass and confirm these facts, but finally found a location that refuted these initial reports. Someone I found to be "in the know" informed me that the TLM Mass is currently "suspended," if/when it is held, it will be a private Mass, that it is NOT going to be open to the general public, and that it is not a general fixture for the Archdiocese of Washington. As such, I have removed this Mass listing from the Right Menu.

It should surprise nobody that any college Mass is held for the University students and is probably said as a private Mass by one or more priests at their discretion. Therefore, I am happy to receive confirmation that this assumption is correct.

This should not be a surprise as the Masses on the college campuses in Baltimore and other venues follow the same logic. It is very hard to find, for example, the Mass schedule at Mount Saint Mary's on a Sunday. The best one can do is to find when the Mass is offered at the Marian Shrine and that is listed in the Shrine's calendar.


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