Morning Roundup - Feria after Epiphany - Die Septima Januarii - Missa 'Ecce Advenit' - January 7th, 2013


Mr. Jimmy Akin was posting a marvelous blog entitled "The Liturgical Day."  Each day, Mr. Akin blended the calendars of both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Form, gave the Liturgical colors for the day, and described the Saint(s) of the Day and various devotions.   Here is a sample for December, 2012:

The Liturgical Day (Jimmy Akin) >> Keep This Marvelous Site ONLINE!

Mr. Akin requested a small amount of support to keep this labor-intensive enterprise online.   I find it hard to believe that while we speak about the "New Evangelization," no news outlet has jumped onto his request and agreed to subsidize his daily column which offers so much.   Please consider contacting Mr. Akin and help him keep this marvelous website gem online!  ~ Deo volente