Basics 101 - How to search this blog!

This blog was initiated on December 8, 2007.  I've posted almost 15,000 posts in the ensuing 13 years.  Each day, I publish links to the Proper of the Traditional Latin Mass as stipulated by the Ordo of the F.S.S.P. for the TLM Mass which will be offered for the following day (often there are several options!).  I do this at or about 12:10 pm Eastern U.S. time (Washington, DC/New York, New York time zone).  On Saturdays it is far earlier (4:00 am).  This is to accommodate my friends in Europe and in some Asian countries.  The Masses change by the year because although the Sanctoral cycle is fixed, moveable feasts may intervene.  So, imagine my surprise when my search results show individuals constantly looking at a particular Mass in 2012 or 2014!   I know, I know... sigh.   Google archives all these older Masses and they show up more quickly on a Google search because of the number of "hits" it has received over the years.  However, these older Masses link to sites which may no longer exist (I know this as I've seen them all come and go).

The image above shows the header of this blog.  Note the "yellow" arrow pointing to a "magnifying glass".  If you click this magnifying glass a search box opens as shown below.

The image below shows how I've typed "Ember Friday of September" in the search box.  If I simply click ENTER, all the results for Ember Friday will then appear. You can simply choose the most recent Ember Friday Mass and open it.  Voila!  The search engine is Google's very own but this makes matters more simple for you, no?