Sunday News Roundup - Eighth Sunday after Pentecost And Feria Or Holy Maccabees, Martyrs Or St. Peter in Chains - July 31st & August 1st, 2022

†  Eighth Sunday after Pentecost, Dominica Octava Post Pentecosten, Missa 'Suscépimus Deus' - July 31st, 2022 - Propers

†  Feria, Feria secunda infra Hebdomadam VIII post Octavam Pentecostes, Missa 'Suscépimus Deus', Commemoration: Holy Maccabees, Martyrs - August 1st, 2022 - Propers

†  Holy Maccabees, Martyrs, Ss. Martyrum Machabæorum, Missa 'Clamavérunt Iusti' - August 1st, 2022 - Propers

†  St. Peter in Chains, S. Petri Apostoli Ad Vincula, Missa 'Nunc Scio Vere', Commemorations: St. Paul (under one conclusion, Holy Maccabees, Martyrs - August 1st, 2022 - Propers

Traditional Latin Mass Calendar With Hyperlinks - July 25th, 2022 to July 31st, 2022 - Propers for the Week  | Eighth Sunday after Pentecost