Faith: Latin Mass for Those on the Go

The Signal, News from Santa Clarita Valley, California, carries a story by Tammy Marashlian on how two priests restored a treasured recording of a High Mass:

When Father Dominic Radecki, priest of Queen of Angels Church in Newhall, and his twin brother, Father Francisco Radecki, priest of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Wayne, Michigan, realized that their original live recording of a traditional Latin Mass was deteriorating, they knew something had to be done.

“Because it was so beautiful, we wanted to preserve it,” Francisco Radecki said. “It would have been lost.”

Fortunately for them, the two happen to have an extensive background in sound engineering, something they picked up through school programs when they were young.

Already having most of the necessary equipment, the two set to work examining, editing and re-recording the six miles of reels.

The result of their efforts is the compact disc “High Mass Recorded Live,” which they believe embodies the meaning of Latin Mass and puts listeners, in effect, in the front row of church.

Except for two tracks, the collection of hymns and Masses on the 27-track CD was recorded live at the First Masses in May 1988 and was sung by the Mount St. Michael’s Parish Choir and the Marian Sisters.

To read the rest of the story, please go here. I just checked and the restored CD, called High Mass Recorded Live [Enchanced] is available on It might be worth exploring. The Amazon site allows you to listen to snippets of the CD album.