Visitors ask...Latin Prayers for the Dead

A visitor from afar searched for Latin prayers for the dead. In the Raccolta I have (dated 30 May, 1951), there are sundry short prayers including the "Dies Irae." The Fisheaters site has an extensive page on Catholic funerals and the full liturgy. This page has a portion dedicated to the burial and its prayers which are abbreviated. The familiar prayer at the gravesite is given here:

Réquiem æternam dona ei,
Eternal rest grant unto him (her), O Lord.
Et lux perpétua lúceat ei. And let perpetual light shune upon him (her).
Requiéscat in pace. May he (she) rest in peace.
Amen. Amen.
Anima ejus, et ánimæ ómnium fidélium defunctórum, per misericórdiam Dei requiéscant in pace. May his (her) soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace.
The page on Latin prayers also gives the "De profundis" and the "Miserere," Psalms 129 and 50 respectively. Any of these would be suitable prayers for the deceased.


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