Visitors ask...Angels, Archangels or Guardian Angels

Since posting the Propers for the Feast of the Guardian Angels on October 2nd (The Holy Guardian Angels: Missa 'Benedicite Dominum'), this site has been inundated by those seeking info on Angels! To stem this a bit, I posted a link to a wondeful book by Dr. Peter Kreeft dealing with Angels but to no avail. So, let me try again.

New Advent is a remarkable website for checking Catholic news, for finding a great Catholic Encyclopedia, for searching the Summa of Saint Thomas Aquinas, for looking into the Church Fathers, for checking the Bible and so on. So, here is what the New Advent Encyclopedia has to say on Angels, on Guardian Angels, on the Early Christian Representation of Angels, and on the Feast of the Guardian Angels.

Hope this helps! It is a great place to start. And, look into the book by Peter Kreeft!