Visitors ask...How do you pronounce "Cantemus?"

A persistent soul has been asking "how to pronounce cantemus?" The Latin "Cantemus Domino" is found often. The marvelous blog by Aristotle A. Esguerra uses this term as his URL and it means "We Sing to the Lord." Here is another example by Rossini found in the ChoralWiki.

The verb cantare is declined as shown here with "cantemus" being the first person plural form or "we sing".

I'd pronounce this Can té mus which would be rendered "kahn-tay'-muss." The accent is on the second syllable and the "a" is a soft "a". It is not the "can" as in "tin can" but more like "kahn" and the "mus" is not the muss as in "muss one's hair" but a soft "u" sound as in the word "put."