Visitors ask..."Mass for the Dedication of a Church" - Tutorial on the Traditional Mass - Translate "Cantemus"

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Search: Propers for the Dedication of a Church
The new Baronius Missal, pg. 1073, indicates that the
Common of the Dedication for a Church is Missa 'Terribilis'
The Propers for this Mass are found here.
Note that the
Collect and the Secret Change on the Day of Dedication since the Mass shown online is for an Anniversary of the Church's Dedication.

Search: Tutorial on the Latin Mass
The amazing Sancta Missa Website has a Multimedia Tutorial on the Latin Mass. This link is found in the header and is linked here. Check it out!

Search: How do you pronounce, "Cantemus?"

The pronunciation would be Can müs which could be Anglicized as:

Kahn-TAY'-mus (both the first "a" and the "u" after the "m" are soft--as if followed by an "h").

The word is found in the phrase “Cantemus Domino” (We Sing to The Lord). Check out the marvelous blog that uses this as its URL.