Noon Roundup - St. Hilary, Bishop & Doctor - Missa 'In Medio Ecclesiae' - Commem.: St. Felix of Nola - January 14th, 2011

NB: Nominations for the Blogger's Choice Awards are now being accepted. In my humble opinion, here are several blogs that really deserve consideration. Having said that, there are many other marvelous blogs I cover that are not on the list that deserve equal consideration. Some cannot be configured easily into the widget that generates this list...


  1. Thank you very much for your constancy in following my meanderings and for encouraging others to do the same. Your new look is quite lovely, and the content is as meaty a feast as ever. May Almighty God richly reward the good work that you do here each day, and may Our Blessed Lady protect you always.

  2. You are so kind in your comments! A Trail of Flowers is such a refreshing look when starting each day. Thank you for your keen eye for linking the written word to an image which remains with us throughout the day! You have a very keen talent, and I pray that you continue to grace us with your thoughts and ideas! Pax tecum! D.v.


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