Visitors: How to find a Catholic Liturgy during Holy Week in or near Maryland in 2014

If you are trying to find a TRADITIONAL Liturgy (Latin; Tridentine; Usus Antiquior; Extraordinary Form), please check here first!

If you are going to a region in Maryland or DC or Delaware and are not sure of the precise location, please check here first  (these will be largely "Novus Ordo" or Post Vatican II Liturgies)

If you know which Diocese you will be visiting and know your final destination, select from the list below

Archdiocese of Baltimore (Baltimore and Annapolis; northern & central Counties of Maryland including the entire westward tier of counties extending into the panhandle which abuts WV; Counties converging near Washington, D.C.)

  1. Cathedral and Basilica Holy Week Mass Schedule 2014
  2. Archdiocese of Baltimore Parish Search
Archdiocese of Washington (Washington, D.C.; Counties which are suburbs of Washington, D.C. and those Counties south of D.C. along the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay)
  1. ADW Parish Directory
Diocese of Wilmington (Counties of Maryland on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay of Maryland; Counties of the State of Delaware and some along the MD-PA line)

  1. Diocese of Wilmington Parish Search

Special Hints:

  1. The Parishes listed may have websites which contain their Holy Week schedule (many do!). If there is no special information on Holy Week on the Parish's website, check the latest Church Bulletin (usually in PDF format) or call the Rectory.
  2. Holy Thursday Masses will be in the evening (usually about 7 PM; these are the Mass of the Lord's Supper; there is no Mass during the day unless it is the Chrism Mass of that Diocese--please be sure to check the times and locations if the Chrism Mass is scheduled for Thursday).
  3. NO CATHOLIC CHURCH ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD HAS MASSES ON GOOD FRIDAY!!  Parishes may have the Stations of the Cross or the Liturgy of the Passion (usually around 3 PM).  Be sure to confirm by the Parish Schedule or by calling the Rectory!
  4. THERE IS NO MASS DURING THE DAY ON HOLY SATURDAY.  The Easter Vigil Mass usually begins after sundown on Saturday.  Again, check the precise time and location to be sure of the time.


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