Newly-Ordained Priest of the Fraternal Society of St. Peter (F.S.S.P.) to Celebrate Two Masses Locally on June 10th & 11th, 2017

Saint Mary's Church, Annapolis, Maryland

Hat/Tip: S.K.

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 10th at 3:00 PM, Fr. Joseph Favole, F.S.S.P., will celebrate Mass at St. Mary's Church in Annapolis. If no deacon is available for a Solemn High Mass, the Mass will be a High Mass.  Consider paying to park at the Noah Hillman garage, which is a short walk across the street, or using the parkmobile app for metered parking on other city streets.

On Sunday, June 11th at 11:30 AM,  Fr. Favole will celebrate a Solemn High Mass for Trinity Sunday at the National Shrine of St. Alphonsus in Baltimore.  Members of the schola from Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, Lincoln, NE will join St. Alphonsus's men's schola and mixed choir.

After Mass, there will be light refreshments in the courtyard, where all can congratulate Father and receive his blessing.

Free parking is available on the lot at Charles Center parking lot at the southeast corner of W. Saratoga St. and N. Liberty St. until 15 minutes after Mass.  Street parking is always free on Sundays. So if you are staying after Mass, please move your car off the lot and then return.