Valuable Cell Phone App: Traditional Latin Mass Finder (iPhone & Android)

I received an email from a friend with a link to The Average Catholic blog.  The author appears to be part of a team which has developed an app which finds the closest TLMs on your cell phone.  You simply input an address (or allow your default location to be set to "on").  It is available from the Apple store and has an Android version as well.

The 2 combined images below (left & right) are from the Average Catholic blog and show screenshots of the iPhone version.

This is a link to the Google store showing the Android version with more detail

I downloaded the app and tested it and the app found TLMs both near and far.  The app has an email address and relies on feedback from users for correcting errors and/or adding updates.  Try it... It's free.  Nothing like a good road test!


  1. Thank you for sharing my app on your blog! We do very much depend on users to keep us informed of updates, and they help us keep our database fairly accurate (the Latin Masses available are always changing).

    The app does make it fun to travel, and see what Traditional Latin Masses are close :). We are filling in a lot of content for Europe now as well, and just received our first two churches that offer Latin Masses from Mexico!

    God bless!


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