Special Event: Shrine of Saint Alphonsus Liguori in Baltimore to Celebrate Roráte Cæli Mass by Candlelight, December 16th, 2017

Image Credit: Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter - The Missive: Rorate Caeli Masses in Honor of Our Lady (Sacramento, CA)

Celebrant: Rev. Father Joel Kiefer, F.S.S.P.
Time: 6:30 AM
Date: Saturday, December 16th, 2017
Liturgy: Sung Mass by candlelight (Missa Cantata)
Place: Shrine of Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Baltimore, Maryland

From the Shrine's website:

"The Rorate Caeli Mass is a traditional Advent devotion wherein the Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary is offered just before dawn. Rising very early on a wintry morning, some families and individuals travel an hour or more to arrive in time for this stunningly beautiful Mass. The interplay of light and darkness remind us of the meaning of Advent and of the coming of the Light of the world.

The Mass takes its title, Rorate Caeli, from the first words of the Introit, which are from Isaiah 45:8:

Rorate, caeli, desuper, et nubes pluant justum, aperiatur terra, et germinet Salvatorem.

(Drop down dew, ye heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain the just: let the earth be opened and bud forth a Saviour.)

The Rorate Mass is lit only by candlelight.  Because it is a votive Mass in Mary’s honor, white vestments are worn instead of Advent’s violet. In the dimly flickering light, priests and faithful prepare to honor the Light of the world, Who is soon to be born, and offer praise to God for the gift of Our Lady.  As the Mass proceeds and sunrise approaches, the church becomes progressively brighter, illumined by the sun as our Faith is illumined by Christ.

We will light a candle for you and your intentions at our Rorate Mass this Advent for a minimum donation of $20.  As always, 100% of your donation supports the operation of the Shrine. Thank you for your generosity."

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Note: A Commemoration of the Feria of Advent is added as well.