Morning Roundup - Ember Saturday of Advent - Missa 'Veni Et Osténde' - December 22nd, 2018

Important Note: The Weekly Traditional Latin Mass Calendar will be posted on Sunday, December 23rd at 12:15 PM EST (5:15 PM GMT).  The Propers for the Vigil Mass of Christmas will be posted on Sunday, December 23rd at 1:00 PM EST (6:00 PM GMT). This is NOT the Christmas Mass as the TLM does not celebrate Christmas until Midnight on December 24th!  Finally, the Propers for The Nativity of Our Lord (Masses at Midnight, Dawn and the Day) will be posted on Sunday, December 23rd at 3:30 PM EST (8:30 PM GMT).

Fourth Sunday of Advent (Rorate Sunday) - Dominica Quarta Adventus - Missa 'Roráte Cæli' - December 23rd, 2018 - Propers

Traditional Latin Mass Calendar - December 17th, 2018 to December 23rd, 2018 - Ordo for the Week


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