Nativity Weekend - The Nativity of Our Lord AND St. Stephen, Deacon and Protomartyr - December 25th & 26th, 2022

†       The Nativity of Our Lord, In Nativitate Domini, First Mass at Midnight, Missa 'Dóminus Dixit'; Second Mass at Dawn, Missa 'Lux Fulgébit'; Third Mass During the Daytime, Missa 'Puer Natus Est', Commemoration: at the dawn Mass, St. Anastasia, Martyr - December 25th, 2022 - Propers

†      St. Stephen, Deacon and Protomartyr,  S. Stephani Protomartyris , Missa 'Sedérunt Príncipes', Commemoration: Day in the Octave of Christmas - December 26th, 2022 - Propers

A Blessed Christmas to All!