SEMINARIAN ALERT: Seminaries and the Traditional Roman Missal?

Fr. Zuhlsdorf has posted a note to either seminarians or to seminary faculty asking for feedback on the status of the Traditional Roman Missal in their training.

I would like some news from seminarians or seminary instructors.

What is happening in your seminary with the "Traditional Latin Mass"?

Are there celebrations of the older Mass now? Are there plans?

Is there instruction for men now to learn to celebrate Mass with the 1962 Missale Romanum? Are there plans?

What about the Rituale Romanum? Any training for how to marry, bury and baptize?

Let’s avoid rumors. Let’s get facts.
The comments so far are illuminating and quite hopeful, I think.

JUST A REMINDER: The Rorate Mass is scheduled tomorrow on EWTN. It should be something quite beautiful to see!