Bertone: Instruction to correct "wrong positions" on the motu proprio

Fascinating news is reported by Rorate Caeli. I am awaiting this document with great interest.

From an interview granted by Cardinal Bertone, Secretary of State, to the largest Italian Catholic weekly, Famiglia Cristiana (excerpts: Apcom and A. Tornielli):

"It is predicted that an Instruction which clearly determines the criteria of application of the motu proprio will be made available... There have been confused reactions. Some have accused the Pope of having disowned the Conciliar teaching. On the other hand, there have been those who have interpreted the motu proprio as an authorization for the return of the pre-Conciliar rite only. Both [are] wrong positions, exaggerated episodes which do not correspond to the intentions of the Pope.."

The release of this document should clear up a great deal of misinformation and incorrect interpretations.