Personal Parish for the Traditional Mass in Rome

UPDATE: Fr. Z. weighs in with more information on his blog. Click here for more information!

A hat tip to the blog Rorate Caeli which posted this fascinating story:

From the website of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) in Melbourne:

Personal Parish for the Extraordinary Form to be established in Rome: the traditional Mass apostolate in Rome under Fr Joseph Kramer is to be elevated into a personal parish, with Fr Kramer as its first parish priest. The apostolate will move early in 2008 into a larger Church, which will be given for the exclusive use of the new Parish: the Church of Trinita dei Pellegrini. We are told that the Holy Father wishes this model to be “an exemplar for the whole Church” [emphasis mine]. We thank God for this development, rejoice in the Holy Father’s leadership, and congratulate Fr Kramer and his community.Congratulations to Father Kramer and the Traditional Mass congregation in tiny Muratori.
Please check the link to read the fascinating comments on "personal parishes" being established to celebrate the TLM.