Visitors ask...Opus Dei (in Baltimore or Maryland or Washington)

A perennial favorite in search strings is getting to be "Opus Dei" ('in Baltimore,' or 'in Maryland' or 'in Washington, D.C.). I am a bit surprised that visitors land here, but suspect that it might be because I posted a link to the vaunted reading list of Fr. C. John McCloskey which is one of my "all time" favorite links (and lists)!

Opus Dei's website is not 'hidden or secret' but is located here. This link connects to international locations. The Opus Dei link for the United States is here. Since Opus Dei ("the work of God") is a personal prelature, it is...umm...personal! This link gives some personal testimonies of members and what Opus Dei has meant to them.

Opus Dei runs a number of schools within the United States. The closest is Oakcrest School whose website is found here. As you can see, the school is located in McLean, VA. If you wish to receive the free email Opus Dei newsletter, please sign up here. If you want more information on the personal prelature per se, please use this link.

This means there is no "Opus Dei" Baltimore. Information is by personal contact so contact should be made with the Prelature itself.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam+