Breaking : RORATE CÆLI - IMPORTANT INTERVIEW - "Similar to Opus Dei?" Schmidberger responds: "Somewhat."

New Catholic posts a lengthy interview with Fr. Franz Schmidberger, Superior for the District of Germany of the S.S.P.X. Read the post in its entirety here. Here is an excerpt:

KNA: In 2005 there was a conversation in Castel Gandofo, in which, in addition to the Pope, curial Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, and Traditionalist Bishop Bernard Fellay, you also took part. What was agreed at that time?

Schmidberger: We discussed the entire situation with the Society and agreed on the path which we are now following. The Motu Proprio of 2007 and the lifting of the so-called excommunications were the first steps. Now comes the theological dialog. Next we have to find a canonical structure for the Society with its 500 priests. We are satisfied with the solution that Rome is considering.

KNA: Which is?

Schmidberger: In the direction of a personal prelature.

KNA: Similar to Opus Dei?

Schmidberger: Somewhat.