Live Streaming or Pre-Recorded Traditional Latin Masses

A common search is for a TLM Mass that is "live streamed." This blog receives the "hit" because of an article I did some time ago.

Christ the King Catholic Church in Venice, Florida is an F.S.S.P. apostolate. Each day, the Church has the TLM Mass that is "live-streamed" from the Church. I mentioned this some time ago, and even included the link in the "header" to this blog (see the lowest link in the Title field just above).

To get to the "live stream", simply go here. Note that the Mass is scheduled daily, the schedule is shown in the LOWER RIGHT OF THE SITE, and there is even a "countdown clock" to help those from other time zones who are visiting.

Each day, the Mass is recorded (as shown in the left menu just below the video screen--Today's Recorded Mass). If you wish to download the Mass for that day, you can do so and play it in any video player on your computer.

In addition to this site, EWTN now has some beautiful resources for the TLM. If you click this link, a TLM is shown (a Missa Cantata) filmed professionally and televised by EWTN. In addition, there is an archive being built of TLM Masses presented on EWTN. These Masses can also be viewed using video on your computer.

Why are these two sites so important? YouTube has some TLM Masses but many are filmed by non-professionals from pews or choir lofts and are of mediocre quality. Also, YouTube has a policy prohibiting films longer than 10 minutes so any Mass presented would have to be broken into smaller films. So, the Masses from Christ the King Church in Venice, FL or from EWTN TV are invaluable for watching a full TLM Mass.

Be sure to examine the Sancta Missa Tutorial website also listed in the header. There is a gold mine of information on the Gregorian Mass with explanations, rubrics and so on. Don't miss it!