Special Note: A Change in Weekly Posting Frequency

This is to notify my many blog friends that the frequency of my posts must decline for the Fall semester. I have a heavy teaching load this Fall and so the number of posts per day must tail off. I regret that because the Morning Roundup is my favorite post of the day.

I hope to continue posting links to the Propers for the TLM daily Masses but that will probably occur later (which affects my friends in Austrialia and Asia unfortunately). When possible, I may post two days of links simultaneously so that both are available in advance. If I can manage, I will post one Roundup per day but how often that will happen is impossible to guess.

With the advent of RSS aggregators, I was pleased to see a stable audience of people grow who appeared to like my eclectic tastes in stories. What would the day be without a glance at "A Trail of Flowers"? Rummaging through over 60 blogs to come up with a Roundup is a great deal of fun. I am happy to see that other large organizations have begun "Morning Must Reads," or collections of "33 Things" (First Thoughts) or some such. I love to look over what they have collected for their "Coffee Mug Browsing" post of the day (hat tip, Father).

In any case, I will be here when I can be, and hope that visitors will make use of the links in the "header" and the extensive list of great blogs in the Blog Roll and my updated list of "Daily Must Reads" which I will continue to supplement.

It has been fun, but it is time to return to my "day job."

Back more often soon, I hope!