The way it used to be...Traditional Latin High Mass (Requiem Mass with the Sequence "Dies Irae" in Gregorian Chant) - Update


One of the most sought after "search strings" in the search queue of this site is "Latin Prayers for the Dead."    I began to  wonder how many of you have experienced a Requiem Mass in the Extraordinary Form?  

In the marvelous (but fictional)  movie, "Amadeus", starring F. Murray Abraham as Antonio Salieri and Tom Hulce as Wolfang Amadeus Mozart, Salieri (who has come to despise Mozart although he is in awe of his musical talent) tricks him by commissioning a Requiem Mass when he is in disguise.  Knowing that Mozart is very ill and that he has spent his precious time in writing what Salieri considers to be a foolish "folk opera" ("The Magic Flute" or Die Zauberflöte), Salieri decides to commission a Requiem Mass.  His plan is that when Mozart dies, Salieri will produce this Requiem in tribute to his "dear" friend (thereby gaining great plaudits for this masterpiece).  Mozart collapses from exhaustion as he conducts the first performance of "The Magic Flute" and Salieri takes him to his home.  As Mozart lies in what is to be his death bed, there is a knock at the door, and Mozart assumes that it is the disguised man (actually Salieri) who has commissioned the Requiem Mass from him. Mozart believes the disguised figure represents his father who has died and the work on the Mass is killing him because his father Leopold hated his life style as an alcoholic and spendthrift.   Salieri volunteers to assist Mozart in completing the Mass and although Mozart is exhausted, he agrees.   As they begin to complete a portion of the Requiem, they must begin at the Sequence of the Mass containing the "Dies Irae" with the line beginning "Confutatis Maledictus".    Mozart asks Salieri how he would translate this and Salieri responds, "While the wicked are confounded, doomed to flames of woe unbounded...".   Mozart asks Salieri if he believes this (everlasting fire) and Salieri responds, "Oh yes!"

Here is a clip from the film shortly after he speaks to Salieri of "everlasting fire":

Unless you have seen what a Requiem Mass in the Traditional Rite consists of, this exchange between Mozart and Salieri is completely meaningless.  This Requiem Mass (below) was broadcast on EWTN and is available on You Tube.  The Propers can be found on for the 3rd of November, 2014.   The Sequence, Dies Irae, is shown in a second You Tube below in Gregorian Chant.   The text may be hard to read as it is in an old English font.  For another easier to read version see which has the text in a easier font to read.

Traditional Latin High Mass (Requiem Mass) Dies Irae (Sequence) begins at 16:00

Follow the text of the Mass Propers here:

Latin Mass Propers Online - Full Latin - Complete version (Click Here; DivinumOfficium.Com, 11-3-2014)

Dies Irae (Latin/English)

See another translation of the Dies Irae on here as well as other valuable information on the Traditional Requiem including prayers for the dead.


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