New TLM for the Archdiocese of Baltimore: Saint Mary's Church, Hagerstown, MD!

I just received this email from a friend. The TLM has now come to Hagerstown, MD!

The Holy Mass in the ancient rite is beginning in Hagerstown this Sunday at 2 PM in St. Mary's Church on West Washington Street. The phone number to the Church is 301-739-0390. While those of us not in the Hagerstown area should support the Mass through prayers and sacrifices, let's spread the word and pray that the local faithful will support this Mass enthusiastically.

I've been told the Church remains "intact", including the altar rail.
The Mass is now listed in the Local TLM's directory page of this blog. The link to that page is in the menu found at the upper right of the header.

Laus Deo!


  1. Thank the Lord for the support of the pastor, Fr Collin Poston, who has indicated a desire to learn the EF himself,

    Laus Deo!

  2. Indeed, Father! My SiteMeter stats have indicated a fervent desire for the TLM in Western Maryland. I am so happy this has come to pass! Please pass on this news to others if possible. I'm sure that a large turnout would be seen favorably!

    In Christ!

  3. Deo Gratias! I had wondered at the fact that, given the area of the Baltimore archdiocese, those in western MD who were attached to the TLM had to go to PA, WV or the Washington Archdiocese to attend or they had a 2-3 hour drive to stay in their own archdiocese.


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