New TLM Blog for Western Maryland: Ad altare Dei

It seems to me that the growing maturity of the movement toward acceptance of the Traditional Latin Mass is the growing trend to regional blogs or websites (in addition to Yahoo! Groups, etc.). The Diocese of Harrisburg has a beautiful blog called Sursum Corda! which has a full weekly summation of what is going on in that corner of the world. Today, I was incredibly pleased to learn of a new blog for Western Maryland (Laus Deo!).

The blog is called ad altare Dei ("to the altar of God") and is maintained by a priest. The blog links the Mass schedule for St. Mary's in Hagerstown as well as a new Thursday Mass at St. Bartholomew's Church (Old Church) in Manchester, Md.

I have begun to receive the RSS feed for the new blog and have it listed on the Local TLM page, on the Blog Roll and on the widget listing "Blogs by Priests."

Welcome to the blogosphere! You'll find articles from the new AD Baltimore blog listed here in my aggregator summaries as well. One can be found below, in fact.