Evening Roundup - Feria - Missa 'Réspice in me' OR St. Silverius, Pope and Martyr - Missa 'Si Diligis Me' - June 20th, 2012


  1. Found "First Thoughts" through this blog.

    Thanks for the selection!!! These are great!

  2. On Thursday, Fr. Z. posted a You Tube by some young folk who stand with Pope Benedict. Do you have a videocam? I know you have many young friends! ;-o)

  3. Unfortunately, I'm the only Catholic amongst them.

    All of my close friends are atheist. I do have two Catholic friends from HS who I still keep in touch with now and again, but they both live at opposite ends of the country.

    Le sigh.

    That's why I took to blogging. I felt so alone in my faith. I seriously thought I was the last of my kind. Ha ha! Thank God folks like you have proven me wrong. ;)


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