"Treasures of the Church" coming to Northern, VA and to Wheeling, WV

I received this email from Gina who writes the blog, MyBrokenFiat (see Must Reads!).

Treasures of the Church will be coming to Virginia / West Virginia in July.  I'm not entirely sure if any of these venues are around where you live in Maryland, but I thought you'd be tickled to know that Fr. Carlos will be bringing the Treasures of the Church to your relative area. 



Please check the schedule on this website.  There are plans to host this apostolate within the Northern Virginia area in July!   This is quite an amazing apostolate and should draw large crowds of faithful.   Hat/tip to Gina!


  1. Thank you for posting this. I will definitely visit one of the churches when they come to Virginia.

  2. Hi Dymphna! Gina has raved on her blog about this apostolate and I promised I'd post something if Fr. Carlos came to the northern Virginia area. Glad you will try to see this. It looks to be amazing!


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