Traditional Latin Mass Calendar - March 19th, 2018 to March 25th, 2018 - Ordo for the Week

Image Credit: Linda's Bloughts - Jesus in Gethsemane  (Matt 26:1-75; 27:1-66)

March, 2018

Tempus Passionis (Passiontide)

† † Note: (1) On Friday in Passion Week, two Masses of the Seven Sorrows may be said (Gloria, Sequence, commemoration of the feria) where devotions to Our Lady of Sorrows are held that day.  The psalm Judica me is said, and Gloria Patri at the Introit and Lavabo.  (2) On Palm Sunday red vestments are worn during the blessing and procession, violet vestments at Mass. There is no Asperges. Palms are blessed before Mass. The Mass begins with the Introit or incensation if following the procession, omitting the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar; and the Last Gospel is not said. At other Masses the Last Gospel is proper.  FSSP Ordo, page 22.

H/T: Ordo of the F.S.S.P., 2018
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