The Gregorian Society of Baltimore: Solemn High Mass at 11 AM, Saint Alphonsus National Shrine - August 12th, 2018

 Hat/Tip: S.K. (from the Gregorian Society Facebook Page)

One of the good things about having a second priest at your FSSP parish is that you only need one more blackrobe to have a Solemn High Mass.

The National Shrine of Saint Alphonsus Liguori has the good fortune of having a visiting priest this Sunday, August 12th. So the 11am Mass will be a Solemn High Mass offered by Father James Smith, ordained in 2017, who is being reassigned from the FSSP apostolate in Nashua, NH to Atlanta, GA and whose route south therefore brings him through Baltimore.

The Solemn High Mass is the full ceremonial form of the Traditional Latin Mass and is celebrated by a priest with a deacon and subdeacon (both of whom of course can be priests).

One notable difference that you get to see at a Solemn High Mass is the authentic Kiss of Peace -- originating from the altar to priest; priest to deacon; and deacon to subdeacon in solemn succession.

Another difference to ponder is the role of the subdeacon in wearing the humeral veil to hold the paten during a large part of the Mass.

The Shrine is located at 114 W. Saratoga Street in Baltimore. Street parking is free on Sundays and a lot is available for free parking one block south and east of the church.

Associate Pastor Rev. Father Michael Cunningham will be the deacon and Pastor Rev. Father Joel Kiefer the subdeacon.

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