Audio files of the Mass on MP3 - Update

It seems that more and more people from every corner of the globe are seeking MP3 files of the Ordinary of the Mass. At one time, the Latin Society of Ireland had these online. However, those files are not present any longer and only the Latin/English text of the Mass is now present.

In the header to this blog, you will see a link which reads: Sancta Missa TLM Online Tutorial. This link was added today. Sancta Missa's link will take you to the Mass. The tutorial on the left and right is divided into sections. If you click the left column, you will be taken to photos and video links. If you click the right, you are taken to the "Ordo Missae of the Mass" divided in a step-by-step fashion.

If you click the Latin of the Mass (in the left column), an MP3 file recites the prayer for you. It is quite an amazing feat. One can literally go through the Mass section by section. Note too that Sancta Missa has a marvelous DVD to offer as well.

I hope this solves the issue of those who want to "HEAR" the Mass in Latin! And, may the Lord bless the wonderful folks at the St. John Cantius Society!


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