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Some of you must get the impression that this blog is simply WDTPRS (Eastern U.S. Annex). That is not true. Fr. John Zuhlsdorf posts some fascinating articles and comments and not everyone finds his blog.

There was a story posted this morning, an interview, with Professor Luc Perrin, that I linked to on RORATE CAELI. Fr. Zuhlsdorf reads it critically and makes some interesting observations. One, in particular, is worth mentioning from the interview (the quote is taken as found on the WDTPRS blog; BOLD portions are from Fr. Zuhlsdorf, and RED portions are HIS comments:

However we should consider two facts that need time to be fully received by the Church. First fact: the status of the traditional Roman rite (Extraordinary Form) has been firmly settled as never before. [But some will complain that it isn’t becaues Benedict XVI changed the Good Friday prayer. They are wrong, of course, and this guy right. But that doesn’t change the grousing.] On the very long term, it could help to influence the liturgical studies and consequently the teaching in seminaries and Faculties (see the examples of Mundelein and Kenrick-Glennon seminaries for Chicago and Saint-Louis which are magnets for vocations). The second fact is nearly impossible to evaluate: how many priests, especially young priests in Europe and Northern America, will have a spiritual benefit from article 2? [This is what I maintain is perhaps the single greatest point of importance of Summorum Pontificum.] It could be very interesting to have an inquiry to know the impact of the private celebration in the Extraordinary Form among priests.

Read the entire article with commentary here.


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