Important Updates: TLM Masses in Harrisburg and Lancaster, PA

I am delighted to announce that I received an email informing me of great news for the TLM in PA!

First, the TLM in Harrisburg is now the Mater Dei Latin Mass Community of Harrisburg and has its own website located here. The Sunday Masses at St. Lawrence Chapel are at 8:00 AM (Low Mass) and 10:00 AM (High Mass). I have changed the menu on the right to link directly to this website as a result of this great information.

The Mass at St. Anthony in Lancaster, PA is now on Sunday at 1:30 PM. It also has a website and information is updated here. As a result, I have updated the right menu with this website which links to this important source of info.

In addition, I have updated the links in the "header" and in other spots so that the new links are posted.

Thanks so much for this information. I rely on this feedback completely. Pax vobiscum!