Thursday TLM Starting at Church of the Good Shepherd, Glen Burnie, MD

I received this email today and am glad to post it. The Mass is being offered beginning this week for the first time.

Starting this Thursday, August 13th, there will be a weekly Traditional Latin Mass offered in the Chapel of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Glen Burnie, MD at 7:00 AM for anyone interested in coming. The Mass should only take about 30-45 minutes.

Fr. Michael De Ascanis will be offering the Mass. If there are weeks he will be away, I will send out an email in advance to let you know.

The Church of the Good Shepherd is located at 1451 Furnace Ave., Glen Burnie 21060. The Mass will be held in the Chapel, which you can access at the rear of the Church. Go behind the Church and when facing the back of the building it will be the entrance on your right. The door will be open, and there will be a sign on the inside door that says "Chapel."

There will be several red missal booklets in the Church; however, we have a limited number, so if you have your own missal, remember to bring it along.