Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses - Tips for Finding One Near You

A cursory glance will reveal that this blog is dedicated to be a clearinghouse for the Latin or TLM (Traditional) Mass. I have done the best I can to find Masses for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day which are TLM Masses.

If you are searching for a Novus Ordo (Ordinary Form) Mass near you or near to where you are visiting, please go here: This site lists Masses by Diocese, by Zip Code or by City.

If you find Masses that are near your destination, the best bet is to call the Rectory and listen to when the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses are scheduled. At this time of year, in an Archdiocese the size of Baltimore or Washington, most rectories will have telephone recordings. The list WILL NOT be posted on since this is considered a "two-day" holy day and huge attendance is expected.

I have checked the Archdiocesan websites. Neither Baltimore nor DC has a list of Parishes with their Christmas schedules. You might find it listed in the Diocesan newspaper, but that is a bit "iffy." The best bet is to find a location and call ahead to get the time scheduled.