Notice on Posting Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses

This blog gets heavy traffic from people within the State of Maryland but also from visitors who apparently plan to spend the Christmas holy day here in the State or its environs.

I am dismayed that there does not appear to be any "formal" site which lists such things as links to Parish Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses within the Archdiocese. I suppose that if someone was going to visit Parkville, MD, they would have to go to site (see the header where a link is provided) and check to see what the Christmas Masses would be in that area using the listed websites to ascertain the times, etc.

I have posted a link here

This is to an earlier post and is meant to be a listing of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day TLM Masses in this vicinity.

If you are a Pastor, priest or deacon and have a Parish website, I invite you to post a Comment to this link above with full details. Notice that you must provide a name (it can be a pseudonym like "Fr. T.") and an email address (which must be authentic). The email address will NOT appear on the post.

As I moderate all posts, I will give an "okay" to any posted comment that seems to be authentic after checking (a website or link to a Church bulletin would help to verify this). This is meant as a service to the thousands who will be coming home for Christmas Day with their family and are looking for a Christmas schedule, Midnight Mass, Choir, Chant, etc.

If the Mass listed is a TLM, I will try to include the link within the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day post itself. However, at least your post will be listed in the Comments. This is being tried this year by The New Liturgical Movement, and I thought I'd have a go at it too.

I hope this proves successful. Some kind of modality should exist within the Archdiocese to allow people to choose a Mass they'd care to attend! We can see if this succeeds.

Deus vult!