Pope Pius Clock...and a True Alternative, The Mother Mary Clock

Several days ago, Fr. Tim Finigan of "The Hermeneutic of Continuity," in a humorous vein, posted a story on the "Pius Clock." The clock displayed was a wall clock of Popes Pio I to XII located at each point of the hour. Fr. Finigan saw the clock displayed on the Hound of Heaven website and labeled as a "last minute gift idea."

The blogger, "Hound," unfortunately, saw the jpeg image posted on the internet somewhere and wrote it up as a humorous story. As the link above shows, he has no idea where to obtain one!

This is problematic as I posted a link to Fr. Finigan's story, and have had a number of folks seeking a "Pius Clock"...really!

After searching the internet to no avail, I'd like to offer a substitution. This is "The Mother Mary" clock and and is not meant in humor at all. Here is an image:

The clock is actually quite beautiful, can be obtained here (the California Clock Company), and the artwork and tolling is quite beautiful. If you are seeking a clock of great beauty with religious overtones and a novel chime for each hour, this would be a nice addition. The price is also reasonable.

If I find a source for the Pius Clock, I'll let you know. It may just be a "photo-shopped" bit of fun from someone that made it to the image archive of "Google."