Regional Christmas Mass News: St Francis de Sales Church and Our Lady's Church in Medley Neck

A kind reader shared this email with me this evening:

The Tridentine Mass is celebrated every Sunday at 11:00 am at St Francis de Sales Church in Benedict, MD (St. Francis de Sales 7185 Benedict Avenue, Benedict, MD). A social hour (with coffee and donuts) is held after Mass in the church hall. On the first Sunday of each month, a High Mass is celebrated...on the other Sundays a Low Mass is celebrated (preceded by recitation of the rosary).

There will also be an 11:00 AM Mass on Christmas Day. I have the privilege of serving Mass here.

The Tridentine Mass is now also being celebrated every Sunday at 7:00 AM at Our Lady's Church at Medley's Neck, 41410 Medley's Neck Rd, Leonardtown, MD (just south of Leonardtown). There will also be an Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

I cannot vouch for the new weekly Mass at Our Lady's Church at Medley's Neck as it is not posted on the Parish's website. However, I feel this information is enough to list this post with the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses.

I tip my hat to the AD of Washington. You are truly blessed!