Catholic Review: Statement of Cardinal O'Brien on redefining marriage

In a story carried in the Catholic Review, His Eminence Edwin Cardinal O'Brien released a statement on same sex marriage.

"Though not a surprise, today's vote to redefine marriage in the State of Maryland by some members of the State Senate is no less troubling for it places Maryland one step closer to the dismantling of the most fundamental social institution in all of society.

"The Catholic Church, like others throughout western civilization for thousands of years, has regarded marriage for its unique gifts rooted in nature, and respected that only God alone – not the church and not government – bestows the true meaning upon this relationship that he created.

"Now, Maryland's politicians unconscionably have chosen political expediency over the good of society – the fundamental charge of their office – by daring to redefine this sacred union between one man and one woman. Their action poses a grave threat to the future stability of the nuclear family and the society it anchors. The archdiocese will continue to advocate for the preservation of both and will eagerly and zealously engage its 500,000 members in overturning this radical legislation, and will join with the hundreds of thousands of others in this Archdiocese and throughout Maryland in aggressively protecting the God-given institution of marriage..."

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