Announcing: North American Martyrs Lacrosse Club - Masters and Grandmasters LAX Club for those who attend the TLM!

My friend, a retired US Marine Corps Major, has asked me to announce his newest endeavor: the North American Martyrs Lacrosse Club!   I've included the details below with a link to his website.   Please visit and contact him if you are interested!  He would like to have a club devoted not only to his favorite sport, lacrosse, but to include especially those who love or who frequent the TLM.  All are invited so contact Geoff if interested.   As he says, he needs a "few good men...".

Introduction: North American Martyrs Lacrosse Club

The North American Martyrs are looking for a few, good men...

The North American Martyrs Lacrosse Club is a masters and grandmasters lacrosse club for traditional Catholic men 35 years of age and older.  We welcome Catholic men from across the United States and Canada who love both the sport of lacrosse and the traditional Catholic Faith, regardless of their skill level or experience playing the sport.

If you’re a Catholic man who attends and supports the traditional Latin Mass, and if you’re interested in joining the North American Martyrs LC, please submit your request for membership to blackshirtslax [at] gmail [dot] com.

Please be sure to include your full name and age, the position you’d like to play, and your preferred jersey number.

Thanks for your interest and God bless,

Geoff Gilbert
Founder, North American Martyrs Lacrosse Club