Catholic Review Online: Ellicott City parish encourages adoration at a young age

The Catholic Review Online carries a revolutionary story by Mr. George Matysek, Jr. The report concerns Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish and the introduction of Eucharistic Adoration to young children. The Pastor, Fr. Erik Arnold, has introduced this program into the life of the Parish.

The monthly half-hour gathering for children’s eucharistic adoration at Our Lady of Perpetual Help began last spring at the request of a home-schooling parent. This year, children from Our Lady of Perpetual Help School are also participating in the prayer session.

The parish modeled its children’s adoration service on one developed by Father Antoine Thomas, a Brother of St. John and a native of France who promotes children’s adoration around the world.

The service is becoming increasingly popular, attracting about 20 people last year and now averaging more than 60 homeschoolers, parents and parish school children.

Father Arnold believes the service is a way to help children better understand the Eucharist and grow in their love for Christ. It is also a good experience for children preparing for their First Holy Communion, he said.
What a remarkable idea! What a great way to introduce young minds to the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist! Just as Perpetual Adoration is known to foster vocations, this too will have spiritual benefits none can now foresee!