Human Life International: St. Michael Prayer for the Conversion of Abortionists

How does someone fight "principalities and powers" involved in the abortion industry? Father Thomas Euteneuer of Human Life International, an exorcist, realizes that only dependence upon a champion of the supernatural can make progress. Thus, HLI began a campaign to recite the Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel to assist in the conversion of abortionists.

The Leonine Prayer to Saint Michael (Latin or English) was a constant of the Church until 1965. The prayer was said at the end of Mass just before the dismissal. I recall saying it vividly. HLI now has the prayer to Saint Michael available in 27 languages! HLI also offers suggestions for Pastors who wish to initiate this devotion at the end of Mass.

Abortion is not simply a human activity! It involves powers beyond our control. The appeal to Michael, the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, makes total sense in obviating this scourge on our society!

Please check out this campaign and order prayer cards to St. Michael here. I have one of the cards and say it each morning. It is the same prayer translated from the Raccolta and does not contain the various "tropes" heard in rosary groups across the country.

Do you want a way to invoke a powerful intercessor to stop abortion? Appeal to Saint Michael the Archangel and ask your Pastor to begin this activity after Mass for the conversion of abortionists. The Heavenly Prince of Hosts will take care of the rest...