NLM: A Serious Issue on the Revised Grail Psalter | Jeffrey Tucker

I have awaited the reaction of Jeffrey Tucker of the NLM on the adoption of the Revised Grail Psalter. He has posted a long article here voicing some serious misgivings. Please read this post. I suppose his entire set of concerns can be summarized in this paragraph:

This of it: A private company using a legal monopoly to sell the Psalms we are mandated to sing at a profit and using the state to crack down on all who attempt to compete or give them away for free? The GIA and the USCCB are playing with fire here. The Reformation was prompted by injustices less egregious. All Catholics must stand up and insist that this must not be allowed to happen. If the Church is going to authorize the Revised Grail, access must be efficient and impartial in the only way it can be: the rights to the texts must be completely open access.
Please read the entire article here.