Visitors ask...Conception Abbey Revised Grail Psalter (CARG)

Since the announcement that the USCCB has chosen the Revised Grail Psalter of Conception Abbey, I have been swamped with searches for more information. Here is what I know:

  1. The Revised Psalter comes from here
  2. The Rector makes reference to the work as the first item in this news report
  3. Abbot Gregory Polan seems to be the motive force (see above)
  4. Adoremus in its November edition makes comments on this Psalter here
  5. The rights to the Psalter belong to Conception Abbey. The USCCB had been in contact and negotiations with Conception Abbey and apparently had worked out arrangements regarding copywritten material.
In short, it is unlikely that "open versions" of this are available at present. Bishop Serratelli did say that the Psalms captured the original Hebrew exquisitely and that the sung versions were beautiful. I will update this if I hear more, but the New Liturgical Movement is likely to break this news.