The Catholic Review Online: Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh finds winning combination

In Maryland, you are either a Ravens fan, a Redskins fan or an Eagles fan (well, a lot of other NFL teams are also represented; this IS a migratory state encompassing D.C.).

This story will not only appeal to those who are Ravens fans, but to all Catholics. I had heard the new head coach was Catholic. I didn't expect the nice story by Mr. George P. Matysek, Jr.

Harbaugh has fond memories of the nuns who kept him in line. After he clapped erasers on the walls, one punished him by making him write a sentence hundreds of times on the chalkboard. Another made him work as a janitor for two weeks after he scaled a church tower so he could clang the bell.

“Accountability was a big part of it,” said Harbaugh, whose favorite duty as an altar boy was ringing the bells at Mass.
We have a lot in common it seems...