Decent Films Guide by Steven D. Greydanus: "Jesus of Nazareth" (DVD; 1977)

With Easter fast approaching, families may be pondering if there is a wholesome, religious "Easter film" that is worth watching? The Franco Zeffirelli film, "Jesus of Nazareth," which was made for TV, is one that many love and one I'd recommend. Others include "The Robe" and of course, "Ben Hur."

Here, Steven D. Greydanus gives his review of "Jesus of Nazareth" at Decent Films Guide and rates it a solid A. In all, it is a film that many families view near Easter and it is definitely one "for their DVD collection." Greydanus' review of "The Robe" does not come off nearly as well, although "Ben-Hur" is another favorite. I have to agree with his ratings.

I personally think "The Passion of the Christ" is more moving [see also here] (especially on Good Friday with the subtitles off and the dialogue in Aramaic/Latin), but that is not suitable for younger audiences. It is an incredible film, however, and one I have taken to viewing each year.