Special Note: Traditional Latin Masses in MD, DC, VA, PA, DE and WV

This blog is devoted to the TLM in the region listed in the title of this post. From time to time, a visitor lands here after a search and goes to a post which is now out-of-date. This just happened for someone checking on a TLM in WV.

The moment that I find out a Mass has been scheduled or a time has been changed, it is posted in the menu to the immediate right of this post. It is called the menu of TLM Masses in or near Maryland and is for Sunday times only. It is possible that the hyperlink shown may have been moved; that is because I don't check these often. If I do find a change in URL, I update that immediately too.

I then change the following files listed as hyperlinks in the Header which bears the name of this blog: TLM Masses in MD, DC, VA, PA, DE & WV, FAQs, and Frequently Searched Items which is a link beneath the image of the TLM. I update all of these immediately when I learn of a change.

Why is this of note? The TLM in WV at CharlesTown is now only occasional as the Right Menu shows. To be honest, the Ecclesia Dei-TLMs lists it as weekly but this is wrong and out-of-date. So, the most current version is the Right Menu listing.

I once had the Mass at Georgetown listed but it is reserved only for those on campus; thus, it was removed. I also had a link to St. Peter's in Harper's Ferry but that too was changed to occasional.

I try to keep things as up-to-date as possible. If you find I am in error, please contact me by email. I still have no listing for the TLM which is held at the Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in D.C. because it is not listed on the Shrine's webpage or on the Archdiocesan website.

Hope this helps!